As a professional singer, Diana Cole, performed in many foreign languages. Rather than use translations that were at times awkward or inaccurate in her program, she began to write her own versions. This led to a fascination with poetry and the difference a word can make. She was inspired to write her own poems and so began a passion for poetry. Between the stage and a ‘quiet room of her own’, she managed to stay sane. And in the wings was some form of art-making in her “spare” time.

Since retiring from professional singing writing and art have taken center stage. She has become a stained glass artist and photographer while giving full days to writing. A Pushcart nominee, over 100 of her poems have been published in over 50 journals including Poetry East, Spillway, Cider Press Review, The Public’s Radio 89.3, Friends Journal, Verse Daily, The New Verse News and Orison Books. Her chapbook, Songs by Heart, was published in March 2018 by Iris Press and republished under the title, To the Marrow in 2023 by Cyberwit.net. In 2023, her full-length book Between Selves was also published by Cyberwit.net.

Since 2020 she has been a senior editor for the Crosswinds Poetry Journal, where she has the pleasure of reading hundreds of outstanding poems a year. You can read about the journal here: https://crosswindspoetry.com/

She is a longtime member of The Poetry Loft and Black Oak poets. For various galleries she organizes Ekphrastic events where poets respond to artworks. And with her expertise in vocal coaching, she offers poetry workshops in Reading Aloud to help poets use their voices to enhance the meaning and music of their poems in a reading or presentation.

She lives in Rhode Island where every neighborhood is a block from the water.